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The pieces of each Daily Challenge

Each challenge in Daily Challenge has four main components that work together to educate, motivate, and entertain – and most importantly, inspire members to do one small action to improve their well-being.

1. Title
The title is the main point of the challenge – it’s the small action you know you should accomplish that day so you can click the “DONE” button. We keep the title short and direct, carefully considering every word so it best explains the challenge at a glance and speaks to what’s coming (the How to Do It and Why It Matters).

2. How to Do It
Here’s where you find instructions that give you the tools to do the challenge. For physical activity challenges, for example, you’ll see a short description about how to perform the activity. For a healthy eating challenge, we might offer a short list of different foods that would fit the bill for completing the challenge.

When we write the How to Do It, our goal is to make it as simple as possible. There are three reasons for this. Number one: We want Daily Challenge to be easy to do. We don’t want you to get hung up on lots of complicated steps. Number two: What makes Daily Challenge special is that challenges come to you every day. Health change happens by taking small steps, and we want you to feel empowered to jump in and take on a new How to Do It day after day. Keeping it straightforward makes that more likely to happen. Number three: We want you to talk about how you did it with your Daily Challenge connections, because health change is easier when you’re getting support from others. If it’s simple and enjoyable for you to write about what you did, then the challenge is more of a success.

We also aim to be citizens of the world when we develop the How to Do It. We want our challenges to speak to people all over the planet, so this piece is developed with globalization in mind. We make the directions inclusive: they don’t refer to seasons, events, foods, sports, or other activities that are specific to any one place. We avoid colloquial expressions. We provide imperial and metric measurements and amounts. If a How to Do It includes a website as part of the challenge, we link to a site of an international organization wherever possible.

3. Why it Matters
This is where you learn how the challenge affects your well-being and why it’s worth your while to take a few minutes to complete it. We explain the positive impact that this habit can have on your health. The challenge may help to prevent disease, give you more energy, perk up your day, teach you something new about yourself … whatever the reason, the Why it Matters makes the connection between the action and your well-being.

We take great care to use language that is free of “medical-ese” when we explain why the challenge matters. If we sound like a doctor, we’re doing something wrong. We want Daily Challenge members talking about health, and if we use friendly language ourselves, it encourages friendly conversation.

4. Fun Fact
Everyone needs a dose of fun, and our prescription is to take it once per day with the Daily Challenge Fun Fact. The Fun Fact is a bit of trivia that is related to something in the challenge, and the topics range from animals and movies to historical figures and food. Like the How to Do It, we make our Fun Fact decidedly international, with trivia from Australia to Zimbabwe and lots of places in between. Chances are you’ll come away with something to laugh at, think about, or both.

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