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Pact points and how they work

How many points can I get for completing a pact?

The point reward amount for a pact is randomly generated within a range of 200-500 points. The point reward for a certain pact is determined completely at random, and there are no actions a participant can take that will affect the point value. Both pact participants receive the same number of bonus points.

Why did my partner get their points first? / where are my points?

The first person to complete the fifth challenge will not receive points right away, because the pact is not considered completed until their partner also does the fifth challenge.  

When the partner also completes the fifth challenge, thus closing out the pact, they see their points awarded at that time. However, the first person will not see their points awarded until the next time they log onto the Daily Challenge web site (you will not experience the pact point award on mobile). 

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