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How do I find my friends on Daily Challenge?

For our members’ privacy, we do not have a search feature on Daily Challenge. If you know someone who is already on Daily Challenge, but you're having trouble finding them, you may connect with them in a few ways:

Share your own profile link:

  1. Click on your profile picture to get to your own profile.
  2. Select the address in the address bar of your browser and copy it.
  3. Now you can paste this address into a message to the person you know outside of Daily Challenge. They’ll be able to click on that address to go to your profile and invite you to connect. Or...

Use our Invite Friends feature:

  1. Go to the Invite Friends page here
  2. Choose the email or Facebook menu to find someone you know. If you try to send a Facebook invite or email to someone who already registered under a matching email address, our system will pick up on this and suggest that person as a connection before you send the invite. 
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