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Using Daily Challenge on a mobile device

For the best Daily Challenge experience from a smartphone or tablet, we recommend the Daily Challenge iOS and Android apps. Learn more here!

When you access from your smartphone or tablet, you may notice that you get taken to which is our mobile-optimized site.

There are aspects of our full site that are not ideal for use on mobile, which is why we introduced the mobile-optimized site. Our mobile team is constantly working on making improvements to the mobile-optimized site to add in all the features you know and love from the full site. 

If you wish to switch from the mobile site to the full site please take these steps:

  1. From the mobile site, tap the three horizontal bars in the top-lefthand corner of the page
  2. Tap your profile picture to access your profile page
  3. Tap the gear icon in the top-righthand corner of your profile page
  4. Tap "Switch to Standard Site"

Please note that if you opt to access the full site on your mobile device, there may be features that do not work correctly because the full site is not intended to be run on a smartphone or tablet. 

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