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How do I complete a challenge late?

If you complete a challenge after the challenge day has closed out, you can still receive partial credit (60 points) for a late completion, but it will not count towards a streak or a pact.

To view past challenges, visit the front page of Daily Challenge and look for a link to the lower left of today's challenge that says, 'Past Challenges.'  If you have trouble finding it, here's a shortcut:

On this page, you will see a long list of challenges in reverse-chronological order - so the top challenge is from today, the next one down is from yesterday and so on. Any challenge with a green check mark was already done. Any that you were assigned within the last 7 days but did not complete can be completed for late credit by clicking the challenge title and then the 'done' button. 

Sharing a 'How I Did It' post for a late completion will still earn you 50 points as well.

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