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How does Time Away work?

You can take a break from Daily Challenge by setting Time Away here:

**Be sure to complete the current day's challenge *before* setting your time away.**


How long can I take time away?
You can take a break for up to 30 days.

Will I break my streak if I take time away?
No, but your streak won’t increase, either. You will have the same challenge streak when you return from your break.

What if I decide I want to come back early?
You can resume Daily Challenge any time you want. Just visit the site and you can jump back into Daily Challenge right away.

How will my connections know what’s going on?
We will put a small note on your profile page that says you’re away and the date you plan to be back. If you like, you can also personalize and post your own message.

Can my connections keep in touch with me while I’m on break?
If your connections send you messages while you’re away, you will be able to read all the messages when you come back from your break. You and your connections won’t be able to communicate via Daily Challenge while you are on your break.

What about my pacts?
If you’re in a pact when you start your break, the pact will be broken.

What if I am in a track when I start my break?
If you are in a track other than Everyday Well-Being, your access to that track might expire. It will depend on how long your break is and how many days you have already completed in the track. If your access to the track expires, you will be in the Everyday Well-Being track when you return.

What if I invite someone to join Daily Challenge and that person wants to join while I’m on a break?
That person can join Daily Challenge even if you’re away.

Isn’t this unfair to Daily Challenge members who never miss a day?
When thinking about this feature, our biggest goal was to be fair to all of our members. Even our most dedicated members may want to plan a vacation with limited Internet access or find themselves with an unexpected life event that affects their ability to complete challenges. We also believe that because health and well-being change from day to day, we wanted to acknowledge that illnesses, injuries, or chronic conditions command our respect and understanding.

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